Fuel Brilliance for individuals   

3 months coaching programme

The source of your power to be brilliant is within you.

This programme awakens that power within you.

What you get:

  • Six 1:1 (60 minute) coaching sessions (in-person-on-line or phone) with me where I will be a catalyst, thinking partner and kind yet fierce coach to turnaround your frustration, get you clear and activate your leadership

  • A workbook to guide you through the foundations for your leadership 

  • Inner Balance Bluetooth Heartmath Monitor (worth £159)

  • Practices to ensure that you apply what you’re learning

  • Weekly email accountability check-ins to keep you on track.

How it works:

This programme is different. It's not about simply acquiring knowledge or building belief.  It doesn't require specific intellectual abilities. It's about awakening the power source within you by helping you breakthrough instead of breakdown.  You will have new awareness and simply do things differently in order to know it.  Many people want instant results but nature doesn't work that way. This is about building new practices that will help you take charge and sustain the passion that's inside you so that you have the impact you know you're capable of.

Session 1:  Take Charge - Identify and experience the impact of your stress reactions on your decision making and productivity. Master your emotions and learn practices to manage stress differently.  

Session 2: Take Aim - Clarify your leadership foundations: your strengths and values – discover your leadership stake.


Session 3: Take Your First Steps - Articulate your leadership vision, roles and expectations clearly. Inspire others and hold accountability in them for delivery.

Session 4: Take Stock - Identify the programming and habits that limit your results.  Replace the beliefs and attitudes that don't serve you for positive and constructive ones.

Session 5: Take Courage - Develop coaching skills to establish clear goals with others, healthy boundaries, gain commitment and  build constructive relationships that deliver results.

Session 6: Take Flight - Create strategies and support systems to help you develop trust to go the distance and build the resilience to stay and adapt as needed.


  • Transform frustrated passion into clear, actionable outputs.

  • Confidently and clearly state what you stand for in your leadership.

  • Enrol others in your leadership.

  • Manage when you are triggered. Have go to strategies to handle your stress.

  • Stop over caring and hold others accountable