Quick intervention coaching:

  • Facing a courageous conversation that you want to run through?

  • Having to make someone in the team accountable?

  • Needing a fresh perspective to an on-going issue?

  • Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated?

  • Wanting to get clear on your next leadership move?

  • Wanting someone to lean on and listen?

We all have times when we get stuck, overthinking, imagining how others will respond to what we have to say. It’s human; but unless we get a fresh perspective and understand what’s going on we can’t shift it and release the potential from the situation to deliver results.

I am someone who is neutral, external to your system and can act as a catalyst to propel you forward. I will give you feedback that you need but perhaps others avoid sharing. I will be ask you questions that unlock new insights and gain fresh perspectives of what’s going on.  I will set you actions to get you in-motion and hold you accountable.

This is a quick intervention coaching that is designed to get you clear on what’s needed, get out of your head and create tools and strategies that will deliver the results you want.

Investment:  £150 for 60 minute coaching session (in-person, over the phone or on-line)